The Widow's Guide to Edible Mushrooms: Stories

My debut short story collection is available from my publisher Press 53 and on Amazon. The book is a Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner in the Short Fiction category, a Foreword/INDIES finalist for Short Stories, and a finalist for the High Plains Book Award in two categories, Short Stories and First Book.

Praise for the book...

The Widow’s Guide to Edible Mushrooms is a marvelous addition to the literature of the American West. Craig’s Montana roots are everywhere evident in how these characters speak and how they carve out their lives in hardscrabble places. If we’re serious when we say we want to understand the reasons why this country has become so divided, reading this collection might be a good place to start.

                                                             ~Ladette Randolph, Leaving the Pink House 

There is much to praise about The Widow’s Guide to Edible Mushrooms, Chauna Craig’s début short story collection. But I was especially taken by the stories’ layered explorations of fraught relationships—and of relationships in transition, owing to divorce, death, or other circumstances….Craig writes with insight and feeling.

                                                              ~Small Press Picks

A lovely collection of well written, well conceived character-based short stories that truly deserve first place. Good writing is always a delight but, if the stories aren't as good as the writing, well … that's a tragedy of sorts. In this case, Chauna Craig is a wonderful writer who has a clear eye into the dimensions of characters and life challenges. Each story is original, evocative and compelling, exactly as short fiction should be.  

                                                                ~Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Craig’s most poignant stories are from the points of view of stepmothers who struggle with their own limits and losses and with their fragile legal ties to the children they’ve raised. Craig beautifully captures their senses of isolation and the risks inherent in their deep bonds to those children. Craig brings a similar complexity to her portrayal of all of her characters, revealing their bravado and courage, their flaws and missteps, and their capacity for resilience.

                                                                ~Nancy McCabe, Ploughshares Blog

While the stories read well individually, it is as a collection that Craig’s work reaches its fullest achievement. As they contradict, parallel, and develop one other, the voices of her varied narrators reveal the terrible power of love.

~Danell Jones, The Billings Gazette

Chauna Craig is the real deal.

                                                                ~Pete Fromm, The Names of the Stars