I am a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction and a professor of creative writing.  I view my mission in life as inspiring creativity and self-reflection in others and promoting peace, justice, and self-discovery.  I believe the personal is the political, and that creative, contemplative individuals are the cornerstone of life-affirming societies where creation and contemplation are valued.  And we desperately need a society like that.

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.
– Muriel Rukeyser

My Story (One Version, Anyway)

I was born and raised in Montana and miss the West.  My education took me to Arizona and Nebraska, and my career landed me in Pennsylvania. I've accepted that I live in Steeler Country, and in fact, Pittsburgh is a lively center for the arts (thanks, Andrew Carnegie!).  I've got two fantastic, energetic sons, ages 11 and 9,  and three stepchildren, ages 16, 14 and 9.  I have a circle of people who love and support me, and that is really what makes life worth living. 

As for my writing career, I've published a book and several short stories, essays, and poems in literary magazines (links to some of these are elsewhere on this website). My writing has been recognized by Best American Essays and The Pushcart Prize Anthology.  I've received fellowships to Vermont Studio Center, Hedgebrook (the stranded boat photo on my pages was taken there), and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and I went to the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference on a waiter-scholarship when I was too young to know what a gift that was.  Now I have the opportunity to teach beginning writers, which helps me appreciate the art, craft, and life of writing over and over.

Contact me at chauna.craig@gmail.com

Photo by Kat Lewis

Photo by Kat Lewis